Retail Playbooks to Win

With real-time behavioral data delivered straight into customized and interactive dashboards, store operation teams can make data-driven decisions that impact their store’s performance.
4 min readJun 16, 2022

This post was originally published on The Robin Report on May 3, 2022.

By George Shaw, Founder and CEO of

Winning sports teams have great playbooks. In the age of AI, coaches and teams have access to immense amounts of data, from discovering key insights on plays to understanding every action on the court. This data allows them to evaluate and improve how their team plays the game, all towards reaching the goal of winning.

Just as sports teams leverage these digital tools to stay one step ahead of their competition, retailers too can take advantage of these same types of tools to drive their business to succeed. For a store operations manager who is focused on labor savings and revenue growth across their fleet of big-box stores, having the right data at the right time is essential to boosting performance.

Advancements in spatial intelligence have made it possible to observe shopper and staff behavior inside big-box stores in real-time. Here at, we’re helping store ops understand this type of behavior and connect it to tangible business outcomes that matter most to their business using our AI-powered spatial intelligence solution.

Learning from the NBA

A great way to understand spatial intelligence is to look at what’s happening now in the sports world. In 2011, the NBA began tracking every player in every second of every game. But it wasn’t until spatial intelligence came along that the way the game was played was transformed. When the NBA applied machine learning to that tracking, understanding, and cataloging every play that happens in the game at a granularity suitable for a professional coach, spatial intelligence became crucial to win games.

With an arsenal of behavioral data at their fingertips, coaches can improve team flows, understand offense breakdowns, and shots by court location — all within a digital database full of potential scenarios. Spatial intelligence has transformed how coaches view basketball and manage their teams.

Plays of the Store

Just as coaches have every single play of the game, retailers can create location-specific or enterprise-wide playbooks for their stores. To empower retail leaders who are focused on driving sales, reducing losses, and ensuring efficient operations, delivers key insights into the actions unfolding inside a store. Let’s take store operations for example. To address their daily challenges, our solution is aimed to:

  • Reduce labor costs and increase customer satisfaction with optimal staffing levels at checkout lanes.
  • Improve store profitability by guiding staff and customer interactions with actionable insights and real-time alerts.
  • Gain true sales conversion rates by quantifying entrance group sizes instead of individuals.
  • Benchmark across locations to apply best practices to other stores across districts, states, regions, and countries.

All these “plays” are happening on the sales floor inside a retail store and can now be better understood with the power of spatial intelligence.

Actionable and Scalable Playbooks to Win

With real-time behavioral data delivered straight into customized and interactive dashboards, store operation teams can make data-driven decisions that impact their store’s performance.

Let’s take the example of a customer wanting a product inside a locked display case. How many times have you waited in front of that case for a staff member to help you, only to become frustrated and leave without getting the item you were looking for? For a retailer, this results in a lost sale that was easily preventable.’s solution enables store staff to be in the right place at the right time, automatically sensing a customer in front of the case needing help and notifying staff in real-time to head to the case to help the customer. This results in happier customers, increased sales, and more efficient use of staff for reduced overall staff hours.

What about queue lengths at checkout lanes? How can a store ops team on the sales floor manage their staff to their best and highest use?’s solution allows a retailer to build a playbook of their checkout operations across a fleet of stores.

Store ops teams can dive deep into their queue efficiency, breaking the data down on a daily and hourly level of how many shoppers are in the queue compared to active registers. This granular level of insight enables them to optimize their staffing and avoid overstaffing or understaffing.

Now, retailers have a playbook of improving or optimizing their checkout areas, specialty departments, and much more. Teams on the sales floor can apply best practices on an everyday basis, not just in one store, but across a region or an entire fleet.’s solution furthers a store operations team’s ability to react in real-time to operational improvements that drive revenue growth and minimize labor costs for their stores.

Note: is a Robin Report Innovator. Check out more about their solution here and connect with them to learn how they can help you increase profit and value across your fleet of retail stores.



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