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4 min readOct 11, 2022

By Nicole O’Keefe, Product Marketing Manager at

Welcome to’s quarterly newsletter! We’re already a few days into Q4, so it’s time to recap and let you all know what the team has been up to. This quarterly update has it all: exciting partner events, a new podcast launch, and joining an innovative partner program.

Ready to read on? Let’s dive into it!

Company Highlights

🎧 Introducing Spatial Intelligence in Retail Today! Our newest podcast takes you up close to all the action surrounding how retailers can leverage the power of Spatial Intelligence to drive growth across their fleet of physical stores.

Now available on major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, catch up today on our latest episodes here!

🤝 We were proud to join Lenovo’s AI Innovators Program, a program designed to support AI software companies to scale their solutions alongside Lenovo.

Together, and Lenovo are creating AI-driven Spatial Intelligence solutions to retailers at scale! You can learn more about this program here.

✍️ How much is your space worth? Our latest blog explores how retailers can use shopper traffic and impression data to determine location value inside retail and grocery stores.

Dive deep into how retailers leveraging Spatial Intelligence technology can turn data insights into profitable outcomes for their physical stores in our blog post.

Press & Media

🎤 Uncertain economic times have put a dent in the retail industry. How can retailers meet these challenges to remain competitive in today’s state of the market?

Catch up on an informative and engaging discussion with CEO George Shaw alongside The Robin Report’s Robin Lewis and Shelley E. Kohan as they explore how Spatial Intelligence can provide the answer to current industry challenges.

🎙 We had the pleasure of joining the BlueStar TEConnect team in an engaging podcast episode! CEO George Shaw highlighted the impactful applications Spatial Intelligence can be used in retail and other industries. Watch the full episode below!

Event Recap

🙌 The team was thrilled to showcase demos at this year’s VMware Explore in San Francisco! Our CEO George Shaw (center, first picture) and Network Operations Engineer Matthew Brock (second picture) had a great time connecting with our partners VMware and Lenovo and sharing how retailers can drive profitable growth across their store fleet alongside an ecosystem of innovative companies.

👉 Our partner events keep on coming! Chief Revenue Officer Alan Flohr (left) headed off to Orlando to exhibit at BlueStar’s VARTECH event. We had a fantastic time connecting with channel partners and exploring ways to drive retail Spatial Intelligence solutions within a partner ecosystem.

🤝 It takes an ecosystem to deploy high-value AI solutions to customers today. Our Chief Revenue Officer Alan Flohr was invited to share his thoughts on a Lenovo panel session, “It Takes a Village: How to Build AI through Multi-Partner Engagement”, at this year’s NVIDIA GTC 2022.

Watch the replay here:

👏 To wrap up September, our very own Chief Revenue Officer Alan Flohr (right) exhibited at the Wesco Executive Summit in Denver. Alongside our partner Intel, we enjoyed showcasing how Spatial Intelligence can drive growth across a retailer’s store fleet, including optimizing store operations and merchandising.

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