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By Nicole O’Keefe, Product Marketing Manager at

Welcome to’s quarterly newsletter! We’re back with another roundup of exciting updates from last quarter. The team has been active exhibiting at major industry events from Cleveland to London and sharing insights in informative webinars and podcasts.

Let’s get right to it!

Company Highlights

🤝 We were excited to announce our integration with Hanwha Techwin America! Our collaboration enables us to join forces on new and cross-sell opportunities, while building a growth opportunity for resellers and their customers. Read more about this release here.

🏀 Just like sports teams have playbooks to stay ahead of the game, retailers can create playbooks that help uncover opportunities to optimize operations across their entire fleet of stores. Read on to explore how real-time behavioral insights can empower store operation teams in our blog post.

🛒 How is a major grocer driving greater store performance alongside an ecosystem of partners? Catch up on our webinar below alongside our partners Ombori, Intel, and Microsoft to learn how Spatial Intelligence is creating business value for a leading grocery retailer.

🛍 Creating data-driven leasing strategies can help mall operators boost shopping mall performance. In our latest article, we dived deep into how leasing teams can leverage Spatial Intelligence to increase lease rates.

Press & Media

📹 We had the pleasure of being featured by RETHINK Retail as part of their Solution Spotlight series. CEO George Shaw highlighted how retailers can increase in-store growth and reduce costs across their fleet of stores using our Spatial Intelligence insights. Check it out below!

🎤 Our CEO George Shaw had the great opportunity to sit down with Jeff Roster from This Week in Innovation to discuss our company’s background and how our solution is driving impact across the retail industry. Give it a listen here.

🏀 Did you know that companies can learn a lot from sports? Believe it or not, they can and can show you how. In our explainer video, we explore how companies can learn a lot from a dot using our Spatial Intelligence solution. Watch our video below and let us know what you think!

✍️ We’re a proud member of the MIT Startup Exchange STEX25 cohort and grateful for the feature detailing how we started and where we are headed. Read more about our company in this insightful article.

Event Recap

🔒 To kick things off in Q2, our team exhibited at the RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, FL. It was great connecting with industry leaders in loss prevention and sharing how existing security cameras can be used to produce impactful analytics that drive in-store growth.

We also enjoyed meeting our partners Hanwha Techwin America and the Loss Prevention Research Council at the show!

🎤 Back in May, was invited to the 2022 MIT Startup Ecosystem Conference, where our Head of Product Zoë Cayetano presented our Spatial Intelligence solution and engaged in insightful discussions around our technology. With our CEO George Shaw sharing our demo with attendees, we were delighted to show how can be applied to several industries.

👏 To share more about our partnership with Lenovo, Chief Revenue Officer Alan Flohr was invited to join a panel session at Lenovo Accelerate, a conference bringing together industry leaders and channel partners. He discussed the importance of partner collaboration to deliver high value AI to customers and how Lenovo is helping us achieve these initiatives.

📢 Founder and CEO George Shaw was invited by our partner BlueStar to present about Spatial Intelligence and share how companies can leverage this AI-powered technology to drive growth in all their physical locations. From highlighting the history of Computer Vision to giving examples of tangible applications in the retail industry, companies leveraging Spatial Intelligence can drive business outcomes that matter most to them in real-time.

🙌 London calling! Our CEO George Shaw, CRO Alan Flohr, and Advisor Paul Sheedy headed to Shoptalk Europe and shared how retailers are unlocking even more value from their stores using our analytics. We enjoyed great discussions among the retail industry and showcased live demos with attendees.

💡 Deep dive into how we leverage OpenVINO™ 2022.1 in our Spatial Intelligence solution in an exciting session, “Deploying Spatial Intelligence Across Thousands of Locations with OpenVINO”. Founder & CEO George Shaw presented at Intel OpenVINO DevCon in June, but you can catch our session replay!

🔒 Our team was thrilled to join our partner Hanwha Techwin America at their booth and showcase our Spatial Intelligence solution at NRF Protect. Zoë Cayetano,’s Head of Product, shared how retailers can leverage their loss prevention cameras to address and curb in-store shrinkage.

It was great connecting with several of our partners at the show, including Lenovo and the Loss Prevention Research Council!

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