Accelerate Retail Solutions with at NRF 2022

Learn how’s spatial intelligence solution can enable retailers to drive greater in-store profits and reduce operational costs
3 min readJan 14, 2022

By: Nicole O’Keefe, Product Marketing Manager at

With just days away from NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show in New York City, the team is eager to meet and connect with influential and innovative leaders in the retail industry. We’re excited to showcase how’s AI-powered spatial intelligence solution promotes operational efficiency, enhances customer-staff interactions, and improves sales conversion measurements to retailers. With our newly launched tools that empower retailers to drive greater in-store profit, is delivering previously unavailable insights that enable retailers to make stronger business decisions.

In today’s retail environment, retailers are constantly evaluating how to improve the performance of their physical stores. What are ways to boost in-store profits? How to deliver a stronger customer experience inside stores that encourage more shopping trips? What are ways to reduce operational costs throughout a fleet of stores? How to leverage data to answer these questions and more?

Enter, a retailer’s North Star

Well retailers, there’s no need to scratch your heads any longer, as has become your North Star. With, you can gain deep levels of insight around the behavior of your customers, enabling you to drive stronger business outcomes that often deliver a +10x annual ROI. On top of that, you can leverage your existing camera infrastructure to capture movement as it happens in real-time, allowing you to gain more value using your current assets.

Protecting customer privacy and data is critical for retailers to maintain trust with their customers.’s solution enables retailers to unlock new growth opportunities through an unbiased and privacy-centric approach. By collecting anonymous location data that doesn’t deliver on any demographic or personally identifiable information (PII), we allow retailers to preserve that level of consumer trust and drive performance improvements within their organization.

Gain Valuable Insights that Drive Retail Performance

With’s AI-powered spatial intelligence solution, retailers can acquire actionable insights that connect to business decisions that foster growth and lower costs. Through our accessible and personalized analytics, we make it simple for retailers to uncover insights into their customer behavior through interactive and visual dashboards.

Key use cases we provide retailers include:

  • Entrance and Group Sizes — Quantify entrance group size dynamics, such as families, couples or singles, and make appropriate adjustments to in-store merchandising
  • Customer-Staff Interactions — Improve store profitability by guiding staff and customer interactions with actionable insights and real-time interaction alerts
  • Traffic and Dwell — Make informed and data-driven decisions on product placements, store layouts, and marketing strategies by measuring traffic and dwell times
  • Suspicious Behavior — Reduce shrinkage due to theft and fraud by flagging suspicious behavior, like shoplifting, as it happens in an unbiased way
  • Checkout Queue and Staffing — Optimize checkout staffing and direct employees to their best and highest use at all times, in real-time

Meet the Team at NRF 2022!

Visit our booth #948 to meet the team and learn how we’re delivering real-time spatial intelligence aimed at accelerating growth, delivering a better in-store customer experience, and reducing operational costs for retailers.

Our team is ready to walk you through our platform and present our demo featuring marquee use cases including enhancing customer-staff interactions, measuring customer traffic and dwell times, predicting suspicious customer behavior, and more.

Book a meeting today and see how you can learn a lot from a dot to achieve greater business outcomes with See you in NYC!



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